About us

Our Tasmania is a Tasmanian owned and operated business dedicated to promotiing the best Tasmania has to offer to Tasmania's interstate and overseas visitors. Our target market are those visitors who arrive by motor vehicle via the Spirit Of Tasmania car ferry. Our publication, Our Tasmania Holiday Savers, features special offers and deals aimed at the tourist market, particularly those who holiday in and explore Tasmania using a motor vehicle.

Our Tasmania and the Australia For Everyone website network

Australia For Everyone is a network of travel and information websites covering all states, territories, capital cities and regions of Australia. Our Tasmania web app give access to the Tasmania section of Australia For Everyone.

The websites provide both the resident and visitor with information about Australia as a country, and what it has to offer as a travel or holiday destination, with suggestions on how to make their journey more enjoyable and rewarding. The Australia For Everyone travel and information websites are interlinked, allowing users to pass seemlessly from one to another as they move from one region to another in their travels, all the websites for other Australian states, territories and capital cities are similarly interlinked both to each other.

Most Australian travel websites promote a particular region, place, attraction or area of interest. Australia For Everyone is different, in that it is not designed to promote anything in particular, but rather to share with our readers about places we've been to, journeys we've made and things we've done in our travels around Australia.

Their pages contain links to many other websites to provide our readers the opportunity to gather further information on a particular travel service or destination, and to book their travel arrangements online should they so wish.

Users can seemlessly pass from any one to another with a single click or tap. The Australia For Everyone websites presently have a combined readership at present of around 10,000 visitors per day.