Our Tasmania Holiday Savers

Promote Your Business In Our Tasmania Holiday Savers

Placed in the hands of visitors free of charge, as they disembark the Spirits of Tasmania at Devonport.

Distributed in brochure displays at Hobart and Launceston airports.

Also in brochure exchange racks in Launceston and surrounds and Devonport.

Available in selected accommodation houses

Participating advertisers cross promote by distributing Our Tasmania to their guests.

Selected hire car pick up locations.

Our clients do not pay to be listed on our website.

Our website can be downloaded by our QR code featured on Our Tasmania, so the device becomes Our Tasmania

Our Tasmania Holiday Savers will be distributed from October 2017.

40,000 will be printed and distributed.

As visitors have a limited stay in our State Holiday Savers are used within a short time frame.

Visitors arriving on the Spirits of Tasmania stay an average of 17 nights which is more than double the stay by airline arrivals.

Spirit passengers are more likely to travel in pairs or family units.

They are less likely to have an itinerary and tend to free wheel more than shorter stay visitors.

They are more likely to respond to offers or specials.

Internet and Digital marketing is growing very quickly but hard copy advertising is still the most effective method of getting your message out there. Our publication is online and available for downloading and has been designed to straddle both forms of marketing.

We offer the opportunity to be part of one of Australia's most comprehensive web sites.

It's the most cost effective way to get to your target market!

Phone: Terry 0412 905 848
or Rex 0447 397 876

Our Tasmania Holiday Savers is also online - digitally reproduced as a website and as a web app. The app is downloadable free from our website or by scanning a QR Code printed in the publication.

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