Promote and Sell Online Through Tassie Made

Promote and Sell Online Through Tassie Made

Tassie Made is a unique website that details a wide range of uniquely Tasmanian products and services. Paid listings include a photograph, a descriptive paragragh and a link to either your online ordering facility, or other contact (website address, active email button, one touch dial of your phone number etc).

Visitors to Tasmania often purchase local produce and artifacts, take it home and at some time in the future, would like to purchase more but often have no way to do this. Tassie Made gives them the opportunity not only to replenish their supplies but view other Tasmanian products which they may have missed, and purchase them also. Purchasers deal direct with suppliers, and no sales commissions are payable.

Online Sales Points

If you have your own online sales facility, we will add a "Buy Now" button to each of your your Display Panels which take purchasers direct to each individual item in your online store at no charge. Buy Now button

If you do not have an online sales facility, we can add "Buy Now" buttons to each of your Display Panels by which customers can purchase goods and services direct from you using PayPal. If you have an existing PayPal account, the "Buy Now" buttons will be linked directly to it. If you do not have a PayPal account, we can assist you in setting one up. Once established, each time a customer purchases an item using a "Buy Now" button, you will receive notification from PayPal of what has been ordered, the amount paid and the customer's name, delivery address etc. The money is paid immediately into your PayPal account (less PayPal's processing fee) which you can then transfer immediately into your linked bank account.

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Whether your "Buy Now" buttons direct online purchasers to your existing online store or to your PayPal sales facility, Tassie Made will have no involvement in any purchases made through our website - customers buy direct from you. Payments are made directly to you, order are sent direct to you and the customer deals directly with you at all stages of the process. We receive no notifications of purchases made through the Tassie Made website, nor do we receive fees or commisssions from you or PayPal for purchases made through the website.

If you would rather customers contact you direct to place an order or make an enquiry, we can add a "contact us" button which automatically dials your phone number if tapped on a mobile phone, or an "email us" button which opens their email app/program.

Promote your products/services on Tassie Made

Single Display Panel: $50.00pa

Up to 4 Display Panels: $120.00pa

Up to 10 Display Panels: $240.00pa

Profile page: free with 2 or more Display Panels
Sales Point set-up: $90.00 (one-off charge). This charge is additional to the cost of Display Panels and includes assisting you in setting up your own PayPal sales facility.

Promotion of the Tassie Made website

Tassie Made is featured and promoted in the "Our Tasmania Holiday Savers" Guide. Its target market are those visitors who arrive by motor vehicle via the Spirit Of Tasmania car ferry, who are given a copy of the Guide in the Tasmanian "Welcome" Pack as they disembark. "Our Tasmania Holiday Savers" features special offers and deals aimed at the tourist market, particularly those who holiday in and explore Tasmania using a motor vehicle. "Our Tasmania Holiday Savers" is published twice a year, with a total annual distribution of 80,000 copies.

Tassie Made is also promoted in Our Tasmania's online Travel Guide and the Australia For Everyone: Tasmania website. These websites and travel guides presently attract around 400 visits each day, or 146,000 visits each year.

More Information

Sales / Administration / Promotions: Stephen Yarrow 0412 879 698
Sales: Terry Charlton 0412 905 878
Sales: Rex Wilkins 0447 397 876