Tastes of Tasmania: Chutneys, Pickes & Relishes

Chilli Jam

In India where it originates, chutney is traditionally called jam. Whilst its possible to spead it on a slice of bread or toast like a fruit jam, this piquant chutney is more at home served with meats, fish, vegetables and cheeses, or as a glaze when cooking. Though it is made from fresh chillies, the flavour does not overpower foods, but enhances them. Gourmet Sauce Company's Chilli Jam is made in Evandale, Tasmania.

Bill's Beetroot Marmalade

For most Aussies their only contact with beetroot is when it falls out of a hamburger and stains their clothes. Beetroot is in fact one of the healthiest vegies around, and has been used since Romans times as everything from an aphrodisiac to a source of fibre and potassium and as a detoxing agent. The Bill after whom this home-made marmalade is named works late into the night peeling and chopping the beetroot that goes into this distinctively different, yummy and extremely versatile product that goes on just about everything.

Rhubarb Chutney

Alongside their Rhubarb Jam, Tassie Taste Buds Rhubarb Chutney flies the flag for an under-utilised perennial vegetable - rhubarb. With more than a hint of ginger, it is delicious with cold meats, especially smoked ham. Give it a go with pork chops, have it with cheeseboards or any sandwich. TassieTasteBuds has been based in Woodbridge since 2007 and is operated by Ann, who has many years of experience working in the catering industry and as a restauranteur. All Tassie Taste Bud products are made on-site in a purpose built premises.

Country Larder Roast Pepper Relish

A zesty vibrant relish, richly tasting of roasted red peppers and bursting with flavours of the Mediterranean. Superb with pate, cheeses, hot or cold meats, it is the perfect partner for pastas that also makes an excellent topping for pizzas/ Its manufacturers aptly describe it as sunshine in a jar. Manufactured by Country Larder Preserves and Fine Foods, 12 Mertonvale Circuit, Kingston, Hobart.

Tomato Kasoundi

Tomato Kasoundi is a spicy tomato relish which has its origins in India. Based on a traditional Indian recipe, Gourmet Sauce Company's wonderful spicy chutney will bring curries, fish, cold meat and cheeses to life. It can also be used to make a curry - just add a splash of coconut milk; marinate meats for the barbecue; mix with yoghurt, chicken and cucumber and serve in a wrap - it's ridiculously healthy! Gourmet Sauce Company's Tomato Kasoundi is made in Evandale, Tasmania, from local ingredients.

Lean-To Black Cherry Relish

Tasmanian black cherries are the feature ingredient in this relish. Use an an accompaniment to a cheeseboard. Try it out with any poultry, game meat or pork. Guaranteed to make any meal fancy. Available in 300g jars, Lean-To Black Cherry Relish co artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is gluten free.

Johnno's Green Tomato Pickle

Anyone who grows tomatoes, especially in Tasmania will know all about the ones that don't ripen at the end of the season. A green tomato pickle or relish is usually the end result for them. Johnno's makes good use of green tomatoes in their Green Tomato Pickle. Use it anywhere you would use a relish, from sandwiches, burgers, steaks to hot dogs and more. Gluten free. Available in 420g or 250g jars.

Lesley Black's Spicy Eggplant Chutney

Lesley Black's Spicy Eggplant Chutney goes well with Indian dishes and is known elsewhere as a brinjal pickle. Experiment with it on your cold lamb or chicken. It has the ability to make something extraordinary out of a cheese and ham sandwich. Available in 280g bottles. Ingredients are locally sourced where possible.

Johnno's Home Made Tomato Chutney

Johnno's Home Made Tomato Chutney is versatile and ready for all occasions. Give it a go with cheese and biscuits, on burgers or meatballs, with poached eggs and whatever else you come up with. Johnno's began in 1991 as a means of getting rid of some excess fruit, and is today run by its present owners, Andy and Glen, who are committed to sourcing 100% Tasmanian fruit for their jam and local tomatoes for their chutney where possible.