Tastes of Tasmania: Jams, Conserves and Jellies

Country Larder Jostaberry Jam

If your taste buds are a bit jaded as a result of a steady diet of the more common flavoured jams, give them a wake-up call with helping of this on your toast. Jostaberries (pronounced 'yustaberries') are a genetic cross between black currants and gooseberries. Their yield is higher than that of black currants and the sharpish tart flavoured fresh fruit, which is high in vitamin C also lends itself well to being frozen or used in various culinary applications. The jam made from this unusual fruit is tantalisingly delicious, featuring both the tartness of a blackcurrant and the sweetness of a gooseberry.

Kate's Blackberry Jam with Bourbon Whisky

If you are travelling along Tasmania's stunning east coast, be sure to drop in to what has been described as a foodie's oasis - Kate's Berry Farm. Acclaimed for her truly outstanding cool climate berries, Kate offers a unique range of mouth watering quality produce and products that highlight what Tasmania does so well. Treat yourself to Kate's Handcrafted Chocolates or taste her unique range of sumptuous jams, sauces and jellies made from Kate's home grown fruits. Her jams come in such delicious combinations as Blackberry with Bourbon Whisky and Raspberry with Cointreau.

Tipsy Lemon and Lime Curd

This wickedly wonderful spread combining zesty limes and lemons, fresh eggs and butter and its tipsy flavour of advocaat and brandy make this an irresistible taste sensation, Just open up the jar and throw away the lid. Delicious as a spread for toast or scones; divine with pancakes or straight from the jar. Manufactued by Country Larder Preserves and Fine Foods.

Christmas Hills Raspberry Jam

Tasting nothing like the mass produced raspberry jam found on a supermarket shelf, this would have to be one of the best raspberry jams we have ever tasted. Grown on their own berry farm, the fruit has been harvested when at its ripest and sweetest, however that pleasant tartness that distinguishes this berry from all others has not been lost in the jam making process. Whilst at Christmas Hills Berry Farm picking up some jam, we always stay a while for some breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea and sample one of the many raspberry-enhanced dishes on the menu.

Joanna's Jam

Joanna's Jam is a family owned and operated Tasmanian business which has been in operation for over 20 years. The fruit is carefully selected within Tasmania and handmade in our specialised kitchen at the foothills of Mount Wellington, Hobart. The jam is prepared using a traditional methods and family recipes passed down from generations. The mouthwatering jam has been awarded multiple gold and champion medals at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.

The Richmond Jam Maker

Located in Coal River Valley in Southern Tasmania, The Richmond Jam Maker ply their culinary trade to produce outstanding, world class condiments to enhance your dining experience. The range of jams include Blackberry and Fig; Harry's Blackcurrent Jam, Whisky Marmalade; Strawberry and Rhubarb. Jams are available individually in jars or you can purchase by the box or in a hamper.