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Cary Lewincamp: Salamanca Saturdays

Salamanca Market in Hobart, Tasmania is where I really began playing solo-guitar about 25 years ago. People can hear me there almost every Saturday. This CD features my new Huon Pine Guitar that I finished making in mid 2015. "Salamanca Saturdays" is dedicated to all who have met, helped, encouraged and supported me at the Market over the years.

Price: $30

About Cary Lewincamp

Cary Lewincamp is one of Tasmania's most loved musical icons and his music is often identified as the "sound of Tasmanian life". His compositions are a reflection of his feelings for his home and family, and of the environment and lifestyle of his much loved Tasmania. For the people from all over the world who have visited Tasmania and discovered his unique, reflective music that is powerfully and emotionally nourishing, Cary has become an integral part of their lives. His solo guitar performances are emotive and passionate, a still point of reference in a world which is becoming an increasingly uncertain place. He is one of Australia's best selling independent artists, yet he remains a fresh new musical experience waiting to be discovered by a growing audience.