Travelling Tasmania by Road

Driving a motor vehicle is the easiest way to get around Tasmania and its surrounding area, particularly for visitors. You can hire a car in all the major cities and towns of Tasmania, or you can bring your own car to Tasmania via the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Melbourne. The ferry's only port of call in Tasmania is Devonport, a city in the state's north on the shores of Bass Strait. Hobart is 285 km or just under 4 hours drive south from the Devonport ferry terminal. There are few parts of the state of interest to visitors that can't be reached in motoring comfort, although lesser roads, whilst sealed, do tend to be narrow.

In Tasmania, the speed limit on the open road is generally 110 kilometres per hour, with 50 or 60 kph in built up areas. In Tasmania, a driver's licence from your home country or another Australian state will usually suffice for up to three months, as long as it has photo identification and it is for the same class of vehicle you intend to drive. If yor're staying more than three months, you will need to get a Tasmanian drivers licence. 

Midland Highway

Major Highways Out of Hobart
Midland Highway: Launceston via Oatlands, Campbell Town
Lake Highway: Devonport via Bothwell, Deloraine
Lyell Highway: Strahan via New Norfolk, Hamilton, Derwent Bridge,
Melbourne via Campbell Town, Launceston, Devonport, then by car ferry to Port Melbourne (Midland Highway )
Tasman Highway: Launceston via Sorell, Swansea, St Helens, Scottsdale

Major Highways Into and Out of Devonport
To/From Melbourne: Spirit of Tasmania car ferry to/from Port Melbourne
Bass Highway East: Launceston, Hobaert via Launceston, then Midland Highway via Oatlands and Campbell Town (279km/ 3 hrs);
Bass Highway West: Burnie, then Murchison Highway to Strahan (226 km/3 hours) and Queenstown (211 km/2 hrs 30 mins). Lake Highway: Hobart via Bothwell, Miena and Cressy (413 km/6 hrs)

Major Highways Out of Launceston
Midland Highway: Launceston to Hobart via Oatlands, Campbell Town
Lake Highway: Launceston to Hobart via Bothwell, Miena and Cressy
Tasman Highway: Launceston to Sorell, Swansea, St Helens, Scottsdale
Bass Highway: Launceston to Burnie, Devonport and Wynyard; Melbourne via Devonport, then by car ferry to Port Melbourne

Tasmanian Road Distances

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