Beauty Point, Tasmania

Not far from Beaconsfield, Beauty Point is a small fishing town, sited where West Arm meets the Tamar Estuary. The town is the home of Seahorse World, a working seahorse farm and educational centre that is open to the public, and Platypus House, a unique attraction being the only venue in Tasmania where visitors can watch Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas in daylight conditions in an indoor setting.

Where Is it?: Beauty Point is 6 km south of Beaconsfield, 47 km north west of Launceston, 244 km north of Hobart.

Platypus House

Nestled in the beautiful Tamer Valley, Platypus House offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch live Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas in daylight conditions and undercover. Enjoy an unforgettable fun and educational tour that is suitable for all ages. Visitors are guaranteed to see both these spectacular egg laying mammals up close and personal.

Watch the famous monotremes actively feeding and playing during your guided tour of the platypus ponds and echidna garden. Relax and enjoy a great coffee and snack afterwards from our waterfront cafe or browse for a gift for someone special.

Seahorse World

Seahorse World provides a unique insight into the mystical, intriguing and lovable seahorse from birth, in a working farm. When touring the working aquarium you will be accompanied by informative guides providing an educational experience. At Seahorse World visitors are introduced to the Weedy Sea Dragons and other endangered species.

York Town

York Town is the site of the first attempt to establish a British presence in northern Tasmania. For a brief period between 1804 and 1808 Col. William Paterson and his party of settlers, soldiers and convicts created a small, bustling village and established farms and a government garden at York Town. They faced many difficulties stock losses, poor soil, food shortages and episodes of robbery, bushranging and piracy. Only two years after its settlement, it was clear that relocation would be necessary, and by 1811 York Town was virtually deserted. Today, a walking trail and interpretive signs tell the story of York Town, though little of the settlement remains above ground. There was forty acres of settlement at this historical site and almost the whole entire town remains buried underground, however, occasionally remnants make their way to the surface to remind us of a past that has been forgotten.

York Town consisted of an old store, a memorial, Major Kemp's Garden, swamp areas, cellar of commandant's house, old Government Gardens, brick guardhouse and gao, McDonald hut and a rivulet. Today a new hut is built to resemble the huts that typically soldier's wives and their families lived in, which gives us a window into how the housing once looked. A fun fact is that York Town could have been Tasmania's capital! In 1805 it was the capital of Northern Tasmania and in 1806 the population of York Town was 276 which included 124 male convicts and 11 women convicts.

If you are a bird watching enthusiast you will not be disappointed with the several kinds of Honeyeaters, Dusky Robins, Scarlet Robin who visit in the winter months, Firetail Finch which is Tasmania's only native finch, Swallows, Black-Face Cuckoo-shrike, Pallid and Fantail Cuckoos, White Goshawks, Wedge-Tail Eagles and the White-Bellied Sea Eagles which are some of the sixty species that can be found around the historic York Town.

Badger Head

Greens Beach

Greens Beach is located on Badger Head on the eastern side of the mouth of the Tamar estuary opposite the Low Head lighthouse. The often deserted, long Badger Beach at this small holiday and retirement village is ideal for a stroll. Bass Strait forms the northern boundary. The West Tamar Highway runs north-west through the locality, terminating in the Greens Beach township.

Greens Beach

Narawntapu National Park has three access points - at Bakers Beach, Badger Head and Greens Beach. The latter has to be the best reward for least effort; from the carpark it is an easy 270 metre (295 yard) walk to the West Head lookout for spectacular clifftop views along Badger Head beach and beyond westward as far as Table Cape and the Dial Ranges behind Ulverstone.

Kelso's Beach

Discover nearby Kelso's Beach and enjoy a great spot for fishing. You can access Garden Island on Clarence Point, now a barren lookout point at the mouth of the Tamar River. It was excavated and backfilled towards the shore to improve the shipping channel in the river. There is good fishing here as well as a scenic lookout. A free campsite is located on Garden Island - it is positioned basically in the middle of the river so you may want to check wind forecasts, in strong winds camping there may not be so much fun. You’re likely to see Seals swimming by, boats come up and down the river and you’ll get to enjoy some fabulous Sunrises and Sunsets.