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The locality of Brooklyn is adjoined to the north and north-east by South Burnie, to the south-east by Havenview, to the south by Romaine, and to the west by Upper Burnie, all of which Localities are contained within City of Burnie. The name appears to have been first used for a post office here, which opened in August 1963. It closed in 1973.


Situated on Emu Bay at the mouth of the Emu River, Burnie is Tasmania's third largest city and port for the rich agricultural and mineral mining activities of the region. Burnie is a major deepwater port for the north of Tasmania, with two permanent container ships making daily crossings to Melbourne. The name recalls William Burnie, the managing director of the Van Diemen's Land Company when the township was first surveyed in 1843, and a director from 1829 to 1848.

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Tocality of Camdale is adjoined to the north by Bass Strait, to the east by Ocean Vista, to the south by East Cam, to the west by Somerset. The name was selected because it is adjacent to the estuary of the Cam River. This part of the V.D.L. Company's Emu Bay Block was marked as Maldon on their charts and maps. In Bailliere's Gazetteer, 1877, it described "Maldon" as follows: "is a small hamlet in the district of Emu Bay". Camdale was gazetted in June 1966.


Probably descriptive, as the creek after which the locality is named does plunge down a small chasm on its way to Bass Strait.

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The name was first recorded for Cam Creek. The word is an Aboriginal call in the bush and means 'come to me'. It is likely that the name was selected by an early explorer or European settler after hearing the call by the local Tasmanian Aboriginals as they communicated with each other.

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The original of the name is unkown, hoewever a Patrick Crisp's address in the North West Telephone Directory (1979) is given as Downlands. McKenna Park Regional Hockey Complex Inc caters for hockey on astro turf and cricket on grass grounds.


Namedfor its promimity and location to the Cam River.


The origin of the name is unknown, though it obviously refers to its location in relation to Ridgley.

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The origin of the name is unknown, though it can surmised that itrefers to the fact that the locality is in the hills that face Emu Bay.


The area was named Hampshire Hills by surveyor Henry Hellyer on his journey was with Richard Frederick Isaac Cutts, from Circular Head to St Valentines Peak and back, in February 1827. Portchester, Hampshire, England, was Hellyer's home town. By the time Hellyer was sent to lay out a road from Emu Bay to the Hampshire Hills, Edward Curr, manager of the VDL Co, had also visit to the area, and realized it had few of the qualities which made it suitable for grazing sheep. The name was gazetted 1972, and confirmed in 1974.


The name was gazetted in 1966, and confirmed in 1967. No information found, however it appears to be a marketing name used when the area was subdivided.


Takes its name from Heybridge Creek, which appears to be the stream shown as Ramshorn Creek on Arrowsmith's 1834 Map of Tasmania. The village is located where the Bass Highway crosses the Blythe River, and is bounded by the Blythe River National Park to the south and Bass Strait to the north.

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The locality of Highclere is adjoined to the north by Ridgley and East Ridgley, to the north-east virtually by Upper Stowport, to the east by Upper Natone, to the south-east by Hampshire, and to the west by Tewkesbury and West Ridgley, all of which fall within the City of Burnie. The area was named by surveyor Henry Hellyer on his journey was with Richard Frederick Isaac Cutts, from Circular Head to St Valentines Peak and back, in February 1827. It is named after a village and civil parish situated in the North Wessex Downs in the Basingstoke and Deane district of Hampshire, England.

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Hillcrest is a suburb of Burnie, named because of its location at the top of the Mount Street hill. The Sampson Street Reserve is 2.3ha of public open space. There is a shopping complex which includes a cafe and takeaway.

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James Henry Munce (1819-1876) named his farm 'Mooreville' after his parent's estate in England. The suburb was created when his Mooreville farm was subdivided. Born in Dublin, Ireland, he came to Tasmania in the 1840s and within 20 years was Burnie's customs officer, postmaster and a shipping agent. For many years he was the only storekeeper in the Emu Bay district from 1851. He also conducted Protestant funerals when there were no clergy in the area.


Natone is a Tasmanian Aborigibal name meaning 'mountain peak'. Saint Valentine's Peak, which was referred to as Natone by the Tasmsanian Aboriginals, was given its present name by explorer Henry Hellyer on 14/15 February 1827 when he climbed it.