Central North Coast

The first European settlement of the Central Coast commenced in the 1840s. Thick coastal scrub, dense forests and no roads meant the early pioneer’s life was grim. Paling splitters worked the area for the easily accessible market of the growing village of Melbourne across Bass Strait. Sawmills followed, and as timber was removed, farms became established. The rich basalt soil proved ideal for cropping, and today agriculture is the principal contributor to the area’s economy.
Motorists travelling along the north-west of Tasmania are well served by the National Highway. Central Coast, however, is fortunate to have retained a small section of ‘old highway’. This scenic coastal detour hugs the headlands and sandy shores from Ulverstone through to Howth and is well worth the extra time taken to travel this scenic route.


Devonport, at the mouth of the Mersey River, is primarily known as the port for the Spirit of Tasmania car and passenger ferries which make the 10-hour trips between Melbourne and Devonport every day. read more


The little town of Penguin sits midway between Burnie and Ulverstone on Tasmania's Bass Strait coast. It's one of those pretty places that you can keep coming back to time and time again and never get tired of.

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Ulverstone is a substantial regional centre in a centralised location between the north-west coast's two cities, Burnie and Devonport. Ulverstone is 21 km west of Devonport and 28 km east of Burnie, 117 km from Launceston.

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Port Sorell

Port Sorell is a pretty coastal town featuring sheltered beaches, good fishing, orange lichen-covered rocks and foreshore reserves for camping and picnics. Nearby is Narawntapu National Park.

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Turners Beach/Forth

Turners Beach and Leith are two localities on the shores of Bass Strait that are blessed with superb beaches, serene pieces of beach paradise that are untouched by the masses.

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Many of today's travellers through the small township of Don would find it difficult to believe that it was once a thriving pioneer settlement with a history that predates its neighbour, Devonport. read more