Northen Midlands, Tasmania

The Norfolk Plains - the area around Longford, Cressy, and Perth, south of Launceston - draws tourists to its beautifully preserved historical buildings and pleasant pastoral landscapes, reflecting the fact it was once one of the most important regions in the whole of Australia. It got its name from the Norfolk Islanders who had been relocated to Tasmania from Norfolk Island, to encourage them to take roots in the area. The failed to see the area's potential and moved on.

First coming across the Norfolk Plains after the establishment of Port Dalrymple in about 1804, British settlers began taking up farming land in earnest in 1813. The primary stakeholders in the area at the time of establishment included the Cressy Company (formerly known as The Establishment) as well as the Archer Family. The Cressy Company and the Archer family transformed Norfolk Plains into an area that supported the whole of Australia at the time. By the mid 19th century, it had developed into the breadbasket of Australia, growing wheat, the barley, and all the crops they needed, as well as well as grazing sheep and cattle.