Granville Harbour

Four mile beach

Originally a soldier settlement after World War 1, Granville Harbour is now a small fishing and holiday community. It is a popular fishing destination for locals and a holiday destination for miners from both Queenstown and Zeehan. Archaeological research has been conducted on aboriginal middens on the coast between the Trial and Granville area.

Similar in most respects is the nearby beach and fishing area of Trial Harbour, howver there are no shops or facilities. Activities include swimming, camping, fishing, sea, bush walking, 4WD or all terrain vehicle area.

Where Is it?: Granville Harbour is located 17.48 km northwest of Trial Harbour, 26.16 km west of Zeehan and 89.31 km south of Arthur River. Granville Harbour is 30kms from Zeehan along a sealed road which then turns onto a gravel road for a further 8kms.

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The $280 million Granville Harbour Wind Farm project, consisting of 31 turbines, can generate up to 360 gigawatts hours a year. The Granville Harbour and Cattle Hill wind farms are expected to boost Tasmania's renewable energy production from 95.6 per cent to 100 per cent by 2022. The Granville Harbour turbines are almost 200 metres tall, have blades with a rotation the size of two soccer pitches and sit on foundations each made of around 100 trucks of concrete. The energy is being sold to Hydro Tasmania and transported via an 11 kilometre transmission line to Reece Power Station.

A lode tin mining boom in western Tasmania followed Inspector of Mines Gustav Thureau’s poorly considered 1881 claim that ‘the Mount Heemskirk and Mount Agnew tin deposits appear to be … of grave importance to the Colony at large’ and that "their permanence has already been proved ..." As Thureau discovered, when he arrived there unwisely in winter, the difficulties of working the remote site were enormous. It was an exposed coastal area characterised by cold winters, driving rain, dense vegetation and steep terrain. There were no roads, and no useful supply routes. The closest thing to a port was Trial Harbour, a shallow inlet open to the winds which crashed the Southern Ocean onto the coast.

Relics of the old Federation and Cornwall mines - buildings, shafts, tunnels and bits of old machinery - can be found in the bush surrounding Trial Harbour. The abandoned Cornwall tin mine in Devonian Heemskirk granite, is situated atop a sea cliff, on Wheel Bay, about 5km N of Remine and 1.5km northwest of Trial Harbour. It contains some small workings in granite containing veins and pods of quartz and tourmaline, plus minor cassiterite and sulphides.

Climies Track

Climies Track, which is used by four-wheel-drive vehicles, bikes and bushwalkers, showcases the unique landscapes of the southern Tarkine region, taking users through majestic rainforest, past spectacular waterfalls, under towering cliffs and across buttongrass plains. Climies Track links Trial Harbour and Granville Harbour. Distance: 25 km.

Climes track starts at Granville Harbour and traverses the cliff tops of the coast before finishing at Trial Harbour. The track can be challenging in places with large rocks, side inclines and lots of eroded gullies to negotiate. Travelling by 4WD, the journey takes about 3 hours (more or less depending on how long you stop at lookouts, and how many times you stop for photos, etc).