Like many of the area's regional villages, Kindred could best be described as a string of farms scattered on either side of a few buildings that form the nucleus of the community. In 1865 land here was donated for a church by John Arnold. The first building was constructed of palings and had a shingle roof. By 1866 there were 28 children attending Sunday school, but four years later the Church was closed for worship and relocated to Sprent in 1984. Kindred Community Hall is the most prominent building in the village today. The 2016 census determined a population of 234 for the state suburb of Kindred.

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Kindred got its name because so many of the early settlers became related to one another through marriage. When they first settled there, the hillsides were nearly all covered in heavy scrub and dense bush. The soil is rich, though the country is steep in places and good crops have been grown.

Kindred Organics is a Certified Organic farm in the chocolate soil foothills of Mt Roland. Its main crop of Quinoa has been been produced here since 2007. Quinoa is a natural gluten free super food originating high up in the Andes. It is a complete protein packed with minerals with a long shelf life. Quinoa is summer grown with long sunny days, cool fresh air and plenty of water. Kindred Organics grow, store, clean, process and package all of their own products on our farm in Kindred. Other products grown include organic buckwheat, oats, spelt, linseed and lupins. They roll their own oats which are unstabilised /cold rolled. Certified Organic Black Angus beef is raised on our property with plenty full lush green grass and clover fields for them to graze. They help the crop rotation and help cycle nutrients.
Location: 15 Graingers Road, Kindred 7310. No public access.