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    About Launceston: A provincial city nestled in pleasant hilly countryside, Launceston is the largest centre of population in Northern Tasmania and the second largest city in the island state after Hobart. Launceston is easy to explore, from its elegant streetscapes to century-old parks, which sit beside revitalised areas such as Launceston Seaport, with its waterfront eateries. It is the ideal base from which to explore northern Tasmania.

    Launceston has many fine Georgian buildings from the colonial era, however it is its parks and private gardens, which are ranked among the best in Australia, for which Launceston is best known. European trees, particularly oaks and elms, and flowering shrubs flourish in the mild, moist climate. The South Esk River cuts a deep canyon through the hills near its junction with the Tamar, known as Cataract Gorge. Its rapids are particularly spectacular after heavy rains have fallen in the central highlands. A pathway on the north side of the gorge leads to Cataract Cliff Grounds Park, where European shrubs and trees have been established with the native flora. The South Esk is crossed here by a suspension bridge which leads to a picnic area, an Olympic swimming pool and a children's wading pool. A chair lift also crosses the gorge.

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